Moko Musik (Modern Korean Musik) is a musical ensemble established in 2014 comprised of traditional Korean musicians, Classical musicians and composers to bring and share with the world the beauty of Korean culture through the platform of music. The musicians in Moko Musik includes both musicians of Korean heritage as well as those who are interested in performing and collaborating with Korean traditional instruments. We will perform traditional Korean music, Korean music by composers and collaborate all together to perform works written for a mixed ensemble of Korean and Classical instruments.

Together, We believe that we can tell the story of Korean history and culture through innovative ways of music making and bring awareness and understanding.

Why? There is a gap between classical music & tradition.


MoKo Musik Premier 

MoKo Musik Premier 

Vision & Mission Statement: 

Korea is a country that is home to both ancient traditions as well as cutting- edge modernization. This combination creates great complexity within the country and culture. Moko Musik strives to reflect the current spirit of Korea and its people by performing works that have thus far influenced Korean musical culture and provide a platform to blend Western classical tradition with the Korean tradition into one that represents Korea now.

The goal of each performance is to reflect Korea’s past, present and the future. The performances unfold in a timeline as a guide to see the musical evolution that has occurred in Korea correlating to the historical events.

We will tell the story of Korea, from different perspectives and as a result, provide a better understanding of the how the diverse cultures and heritage can come together in a peaceful and joyful way. What makes Korea unique is its ability to mix and balance the two, very seemingly different ideology, the old traditions with the modern, technology driven culture into every day life.

At Moko Musik, we hope to tell the story of Korea’s development into modern times and celebrate all the beautiful music that has been created, and encourage more music to be created to celebrate the beauty of the blending culture and represent the Modern Korea of today.